Goals & Action

Our Goals:

  1. The presentation of Greek traditional culture in music, dance and literature. The goal is to inform and educate the local general public.
  2. The assignments of new music compositions to Greek composers.
  3. The creation of suitable conditions for organising events that promote the collaboration of artists from Chios and artists from the rest of Greece and the World.
  4. The familiarisation of Primary and secondary school students with the recent and older compositions of Greek artists in music, dance and literature.
  5. The participation in the training of young musicians of Music Schools of Chios in the field of Contemporary Greek Music.
  6. Organising of events in nursing homes of Chios with our collaboration with THALIA Volunteering team.

Our Action:
In order to achieve our targets, MUSA HELLENICA collaborates with artists and academics from Greece and abroad, organises and develops different activities where the public can participate freely not only as a visitor but also as a participant.

  • Concerts and lectures in various venues in Chios town and island villages, workshops, collaborations with schools, visits in nursing homes, project assignments, along with our big summer festival are our current activities with our main target the maintenance of our music composition archives, publications and connection between the musician of Chios Island and artists from all over the world.

If you love music, become a member of our team and contribute  to fulfil the goals of MUSA HELLENICA.